Campground Rules

  1. Speed Limit on Grounds is 5 MPH.
  2. Pool- Parents must accompany and be Responsible for their children in the pool
  3. Blue Ridge Falls is N.Y.S. State compliant. Children must be accompanied by their parents.
  4. Virgin Wilderness extends for 2O miles behind the campgrounds. Children should not be allowed to roam alone in the woods.
  5. Because it is thickly forested wilderness behind and around the campgrounds, you should be prepared if you want to trek into the woods. Wear appropriate clothes and boots, not shorts and sneakers, and take a compass, map or a GPS device with you, as well as some basic supplies. Best not to go off alone and to also tell others where you are going just in case. This is not the local woods in the park back home, the terrain and brush can be very daunting.
  6. No Live Timber or Brush will be cut or defaced anywhere on our grounds. Full value must be paid for destruction of trees or brush. Also, don't peel the bark from the trees because that might kill them.
  7. Bath House: Small Children must be accompanied by an Adult
  8. No Loitering in Bathrooms. Be considerate.
  9. Please shower for a reasonable length of time and keep it neat for the next person. The showers are cleaned every day, so help us keep them neat.
  10. No loaded Firearms on the grounds.
  11. Do not use air conditioners or electric heaters. They will overload our power grid.
  12. Pets must be leashed at all times. You are responsible for keeping your pets quiet and well behaved. Also, you must pick up and dispose of all their waste too.
  13. Keep your campfires in the fire pit and they must be out by 11:30 p.rn.
  14. Four People per campsite: There is an Additional Charge of $1.00 per person for each person for 5 or more people in one site.
  15. Only one tent or trailer per site.
  16. In the interest of your neighbors, please keep the loud noise down after 11 p.m. Keel it Silent after 1 a.m.
  17. Please feel free to bring to our attention any issues about the service or utilities that you have to offer. Your feedback will help us improve the campgrounds. Feel free to ask us about the hiking, hunting, fishing and recreational activities in our area, we would love to share with you.
  18. Our Check Out Time is 1:00 p.m.
  19. We hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable one.
campground map